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Flipping Sneakers for Profit: A Quick Guide to Earning Coins in Boxed Up

Do you find yourself frequently wondering about the quickest way to make coins in Boxed Up? You're not alone! Many players are on the lookout for efficient strategies to increase their in-game balance. In this post, we'll explain one of the best ways to build coins in a short period of time. So, let's get into it!

Purple Nike Cards:

You want to browse through the market, looking out for purple Nike cards that are under 2.5k coins. Why? Most can be sold for over 3k. A quick scroll led us to a Nike Zoom Kobe priced at 1,500 coins!

Flipping the Cards:

Upon securing sneakers at a lower price, the next step is to sell it for a profit. We managed to find a few more purple cards, each ranging between 1,500 and 2,000 coins. Now, it's time to list them for a higher price. We listed all of the purple Nike cards for 3,200 coins.

Patience Pays:

The waiting game begins once your cards are listed. It may take a few hours for the cards to sell, but the profits are worth the wait. In our case, within 45 minutes, we sold 3 Purple cards, netting a tidy profit of over 4,000 coins! If any cards don't sell after an hour or two, relist them at a slightly lowered price.

Rinse and Repeat:

With some upfront coins, you're all set to repeat this process, honing your trading technique with each cycle. The more you practice, the better you'll become at spotting steals and flipping them for a profit.

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