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Boxed Up | Sneaker Game Mobile App Guide

Getting Started

  1. Download the App: First, download the Ultimate Sneaker Game app from your device's app store. After downloading, open the app.

  2. Create an Account to Access Exta Features: Tap on the Account button on the bottom panel to create an account. Enter your email and then the verification code. You will be rewarded with coins and given access to the Boxed Up Sneaker Market.

Navigating the App

  • Your app experience will be divided across five main screens: Home, Store, Account, Packs, and Games.

  • Home: The home screen is your hub, featuring options to play the Versus game, view the season pass, access versus reward boxes, view challenges, and make trades.

  • Store: Visit the store to purchase sneakers with your earned gems. You can also access in app items here.

  • Account: Access the Market, Scratch cards, friends and profile.

  • Packs: View and open your purchased packs on this screen.

  • Games: Play mini-games to earn coins and XP.

Playing the Sneaker Games

  1. Versus Game: Accessible from the Home screen, you'll compete against the computer in this game. Two rounds involve picking the most valuable sneaker, and using cards from your collection. Winning fills up box slots as rewards.

  2. Mini-Games: Participate in mini-games to earn coins and XP. These games involve guessing release dates, identifying sneakers, evaluating highest value, and determining higher or lower values.

Earning and Spending Coins

  1. Completing Challenges: Challenges such as opening a specific number of boxes or collecting certain sneakers will earn you coins.

  2. Testing Your Sneaker Knowledge: Most of the knowledge-based challenges will be on sneaker names/silhouettes or their real-world value.

  3. Purchasing Packs: Use your coins to open packs (or boxes) from the store. There are seven different types of boxes, with more expensive ones yielding better rewards.

Understanding and Collecting Gems

In the Boxed Up, gems are an important form of currency alongside coins. They come in three colors: blue, purple, and orange, each representing a different level of rarity and difficulty to obtain.

  1. Blue Gems: These are the most common gems and are relatively easy to collect. You will frequently come across blue gems in your sneaker journey.

  2. Purple Gems: Purple gems are more difficult to acquire compared to blue gems. Collecting them often requires a bit more effort and strategy.

  3. Orange Gems: The rarest and most precious of all gems are the orange gems. These are quite hard to get, making them a valuable commodity in the app.

How to Earn Gems:

There are several ways to earn gems within the app:

  1. Completing Trades: By successfully trading sneakers with other players in the marketplace, you can earn gems as part of the trade deal.

  2. Daily Challenges: Fulfilling daily challenges is another great way to earn gems. These challenges change daily, providing new opportunities to increase your gem collection.

  3. Scratch Cards: Completing specific sneaker collections can earn you scratch card rewards. By collecting these specific cards, you have a chance to win a variety of rewards, including gems.

Remember, gems are crucial for opening certain special packs, including the weekly box drop, which might contain a limited edition green card. So, it's always beneficial to keep an eye out for opportunities to earn gems!

Determining Rarity and 'Heat'

Rarity is determined based on the market value or retail price of a sneaker - the higher the value, the greater the rarity. 'Heat' indicates the hype level of a shoe, considering factors like retail value, market value, brand, and silhouette.

Season Pass and Earning XP

You can earn XP by completing season challenges and trades, and by playing mini-games and Versus. Keep an eye on social media channels for any codes for XP. As you level up in the season pass, you will get better rewards.

Buying, and Selling on the Marketplace

On the marketplace, you can buy and sell sneakers with other players using the coins earned from games and challenges.

When selling, it is a good idea to search for a similar shoe on the market to get an idea of what you should list it for. If your item doesn't sell after a few hours then you can relist it at a lower price.

Participating in Weekly Sneaker Drops

Every week, there's a special drop of a pack (or box) that usually can be opened with gems. This pack might contain a rare numbered, limited-edition green card.

Finding Promo Codes

Watch out for promo codes in the promo-codes channel in the Discord server. They might also occasionally be given out on our Twitter and Instagram.

Join this ever-growing sneaker game community today and elevate your sneaker game to new heights! Keep exploring, learning, and collecting, and remember to have fun while you're at it.

For more information or assistance, join our Discord server. We have an amazing community that are always willing to help

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