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Welcome to Boxed Up - your ultimate sneaker collecting experience! Embark on a thrilling journey filled with over 10,000 unique kicks. Play games, collect rare gems, and climb the leaderboards.



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What is Boxed Up?

Elevate your sneaker game with Boxed Up - the top mobile game for sneaker aficionados. Dive into our diverse collection of over 50,000 different sneakers, updated weekly. Explore the latest trends, relive classic designs, and discover your next favorite pair - right here, right now!

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Create your ultimate sneaker collection. Spend your hard-earned coins to purchase packs and chance upon the rarest kicks in the game. From popular favourites to limited edition drops - what will you discover next in your Boxed Up collection?



Connect with fellow sneaker enthusiasts. Share your collection, discuss the latest drops, exchange tips on completing challenges. With Boxed Up, you're not just joining an app, you're joining a passionate community where every member speaks your language - the language of the sneaker game.

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Games & Challenges

Got a vast knowledge about the sneaker world? Test your skills with our fun and engaging mini-games. Compete against friends, earn coins, and even win rare and exclusive sneakers. Stay ahead of the game, and ascend our leaderboard to become the top sneakerhead!


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Top tips for Boxed Up

Get some help building your Boxed Up Sneaker collection.

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