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Behind Boxed Up


We are the organisation behind Boxed Up.

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At Conwov, our mission is to bring passion and innovation together. We're a dynamic organization that's dedicated to redefining the digital realm and enhancing user experience. Known for pioneering the ultimate sneaker game and shoe collecting app, Boxed Up, our reputation for creating immersive, community-focused platforms stands unparalleled.

The Journey

Our journey began with a shared love for sneakers, gaming, and technology. We saw a unique opportunity to blend these elements and cater to a rapidly growing community of sneaker enthusiasts. Thus, Boxed Up was born. Now home to a library of over 50,000 different sneakers and an engaged community, our app embodies our dedication to the sneaker culture and innovation.

About Us

At Conwov, we believe in fostering community spirit. We've created an environment where users can connect, trade, compete, and grow together. We are committed to providing our users with enriching experiences that extend beyond the app, building a global community where the love for sneakers is celebrated daily.



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